​This is a site about winning ​​​Invisible Games.

​Hi, I'm Kingshuk- my friends call me King.

I am a copywriter​ and growth strategist.

​For the better part of the last decade, my job has been writing ​and creating strategies to sell​ ideas, products, and people.

​I can teach you ​how words can persuade, teach, influence, and charm people into buying whatever you're selling regardless of whether ​the product is you or a widget. I can show you how words turn unknown experts into respected, profitable authorities online.

This site is where I share my ideas, experiments, and lessons learned in copywriting and advertising. I hope they help you become more​ capable, persuasive,​ and powerful.

​Over my career, I've ​used these skills to help Wall Street Journal and New York Times best selling authors, Fortune 100 consultants, notorious dating coaches, stay at home moms and more tp build small, profitable businesses online without selling out. ​​

I do this by playing invisible games.

​​What are invisible games? Well, ​they are everywhere, but we can't see them directly. ​They are the games we play in the shadows to ​become more powerful and capable.

​Power, persuasion, seduction, mastery (of self and skills), wealth, and influence are all invisible games.

Understanding and maneuvering around people's hidden intentions, pains, and motives is an invisible game. 

Mastering your emotions is an invisible game. This is the ability to take bold action in the face of fear and doubt. It's keeping your cool and not reacting emotionally when provoked by tragedies or enemy attacks. 

The beautiful thing about invisible games is that you cannot buy the outcome. You can't buy talent, skill, confidence, earned perspective, work ethic, character, or a reputation. You can't buy power, influence, or mastery.

This is beautiful because it means no one can take these things from you.

​When you play Invisible games, you know objects can't compensate for skill. It's why I don't teach the typical marketing garbage. No autoresponders or sales pages. No chatbots or magic funnels. 

​That stuff comes last.

Here's the thing- if any of the technology broke or disappeared, you'd be screwed. Playing invisible games means you know you'd be able to climb back up from zero.

So what comes first?

​People buy and sell, barter and steal, compete and collaborate, lead and manipulate. We do so with hopes that as a byproduct, we'll bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be, who we are and who we want to become, what we own and what we want to have.

There is always a gap between now and what we imagine the future holds for us, and in​ each of those ga​ps ​we find an invisible game.

The invisible game is solving that puzzle while avoiding falling pray to other people's puzzles. ​This comes first.

When you bridge the gap ​between painful problems and desired solutions for clients, you create a profitable business. When you bridge the gaps for yourself, you build self-reliance, confidence, and your belief in your abilities to figure shit out.

Solving problems well comes first. Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be for yourself and your customers. That's mission one.

Chatbots and funnels come last.

​Sometimes ​I'll show you why your website sucks at selling things and how to do it better (​influence game). Other times, about how see ​past the nonsense politicians say (manipulation game) or how to ​get ahead in dating by analyzing other people's weaknesses (power games). The unifying theme is always about playing the invisible game to win.

​Here's your call to action: Invite me into your inbox, and I'll s​hare ​what I​ know about winning the games you​'re playing.

When you join my inner circle, I'll share the best of what I know about copywriting, advertising, and playing invisible games. ​

You will learn how to position yourself, your company, and influence others while not​ being sidetracked by the intentions and agendas of others around you.

You'll learn how to grow your influence and audience without resorting to the low-quality content-mill strategy so many others are happy to use unquestioningly.

You will also​ learn to win the ​invisible games​ you play in​ your head. You'll ​learn how find the courage to chase possibilities rather than make decisions from a place of fear or avoidance.

​Regardless of age, gender or ethnicity, good writing​ opens minds, hearts, wallets, and legs. ​Used in ​tandem with play​ing invisible games, you'll be deadly. ​I hope you enjoy. ​Use this information responsibly and if ​you decide to use it for ill, please use it discreetly. 

See you inside,


Ray Dalio

Billionaire Hedgefund Manager & NYT Best Selling Author of Principles

Unless you want to have a life that is directed by others, you need to decide for yourself what to do and you need to have the courage to do it.

Seth Godin

Best Selling Author and Marketer

People get entrepreneurial block for only one reason. It is not because they are not qualified, it is not because they are not passionate- it is because they are afraid.

And you need to be clear with yourself about what you are afraid of, why you are afraid, whether you care enough to dance with that fear because it will never go away.